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Receiver (100 KHz-30 MHz)
1Watter-10m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-12m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-15m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-17m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-20m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-30m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-40m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-80m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-160m QRPp Xcvr
5Watt 2-30mHz ClassC Amp
Cable RF Suppression
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Latest additions to our Inventory

2-30 mHz 5-Watt Class-C Amp

1watter QRPp VXO Transceivers

2SC5706 HF RF Amp 5 Watts (FT=400mHz)

Pots and Switches

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