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1Watter-10m QRPp Xcvr
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1Watter-17m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-20m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-30m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-40m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-80m QRPp Xcvr
1Watter-160m QRPp Xcvr
5Watt 2-30mHz ClassC Amp
Cable RF Suppression
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Atmel AVR Developers

The purpose of this web page is to provide a comprehensive guide
to first-time micro-controller programmer utilizing the Atmel AVR
series of microcontrollers. This includes providing documentation
to build your own hardware and develop software, highlighted by a
complete DDS VFO system to generate RF from 0 to 20 MHz.
Specs for the AVR-DEV
AVR-DEV Getting Started
AVR-DEV Hardware
AVR-DEV Software
AVR-DEV Lessons
Atmel AVR Links
AVR-DEV Schematics & PCB
AVR-DEV Building Instructions

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